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Efficiency and effectiveness are among the sound qualities that define our business. Let us support your efforts, using sound principles and proven strategies.


Senior and junior executives receive one-on-one support to help achieve goals while building their capabilities and influence within the organization and their industry. Thinking Into Results is leveraged to build the mindset of professionals to achieve personal and professional priorities that are aligned with the goals of the organization. Investment in this program leads to exceptional outcomes.


Thinking Into Results is the first and only international personal and professional growth program that has led corporations to generate billions of dollars in revenue and more rewarding environments for even more professional achievements.  This 12-week program for organizations helps assure organizational excellence.


Our specialized services are tailored to meet the demands of organizations for excellence, building professional diversity, prominence in the industry and greater revenue (see below for more information).

Financial & Credit Services - Foundational Support

You deserve a stress free financial life. Leverage our comprehensive services to ensure that you develop a solid foundation to achieve your personal financial goals.


The language for leaders - Be among the top 5% who lead, inspire and encourage teams of individuals to achieve exceptional results. Opt to develop your organization to exceed the $1M and $10M benchmarks. Let us help you get there and beyond.

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Specialized Services

Strategic Planning


Strategic Planning is decision-making, priority setting and aligning resources to achieve desire goals. It entails leadership and management activity to strengthen the organization. Engaging in strategic planning with teams ensures collective responsibility for achieving common goals. 

Let Dr. Webb guide you and your team in using the key elements of strategic planning - vision statement, mission statement, core values (operating principles), SWOT analysis, long term goals, annual strategic directions/priorities (measurable objectives), and action plans.

When strategic planning is effective, individuals are led successfully and things are managed efficiently.  Such planning is used to promote progress among employees and other stakeholders: and their buy in, implementation, performance feedback, periodic assessment and course corrections are essential to  achieving goals. Both the processes used and the ends achieved are important. All individuals involved in the strategic planning process are essential. Also important is their active use of guiding principles and operating agreements. 

The culture, the values and habits of the organization, determines the fate of the planning process and the strategic plan. Thus, our strategic planning experts guide clients to assess their organizations’ culture to determine appropriate action plans that are consistent with the desired course of actions, including changing the culture of the corporation or organization.

We welcome your request to discuss our services and to determine how we may assist you in using the capacity of the people in your organization while preparing your team to achieve goals.

Organizational Assessment


Organizational assessment and evaluation are intentional decisions to use a systematic process to obtain “valid information about the performance of an organization and the factors that affect performance” (Source: Better Evaluation).

Organizational assessment and evaluation are essential to progress and success. Organizations that identify and monitor anticipated outcomes and clear indicators and milestones of progress are better prepared to understand what works and to address what is not. 

Effective assessment and evaluation capture both formative—understanding what has occurred, and summative—describing the change that has resulted—information. Organizations that engage in continuous inquiry about their work understand and can share their strengths and capacities, identify opportunities for development, growth and influence, attract funding and collaborative partners, and better engage their constituents.  

Signature Solutions-Corporate Results recommends that every organization (1) determine what constitutes success, ((2) outline anticipated outcomes and when they will be realized, (3) identify and validate indicators of progress towards anticipated outcomes, and (4) outline a process and timeline for monitoring indicators to celebrate wins and highlight needed redesign.

Our services support diverse types of organizations-- corporate, non-profit, community-based, philanthropic, and educational institutions— to list a few.

Creative Design


Our creative services include graphic design and photography, along with web development and media production through a host of talented affiliated creative professionals. 

In addition to creative services, we provide a full range of print services including marketing and collateral materials, publications, tradeshow displays, large format outputs, and fine art reproductions.

  • Graphic Design
  • Branding and Corporate Identity
  • Publication Design and Production
  • Photography

Financial & Credit Services - Foundational Support


Business Communications services - Effective Organization





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