Big News! New Seminar Series - A Roadmap to Your Destination


(Buffet and networking)

Join us for LIFE CHANGING discussions about your capacity for continuous success. 

You have the power to choose to identify and release your blockages: 

learn the mental tools to do this AND learn how to shift; 

shift happens!


—Join Men and Women LIKE YOU—

You are a manifestation of GREATNESS. You were born with the capacity to exceed the highest expectations. You POSSESS the power to choose and the brilliance for continuous learning, understanding, and growth. Developing and being you, your authentic self, best prepares you to excel. Really, you determine your trajectory. In this session, we will define consciousness thinking, and expose its power! 

Thursday, November 29  12:00 - 2:00 PM

Thursday, December 13  12:00 - 2:00PM

Expect positive impacts on the performance of professionals as a result of these seminars. If you are not available, please encourage a colleague to attend. Share with your HUMAN RESOURCES departments. 

It is important to note that “Glass Ceiling” is used in its broadest sense to reflect EVERY ONE, men and women in all ethnic and professional decision-making groups – and not just “women and minorities…”  You-I-we all have barriers that can and should be eliminated. CEOs Elñora and Don share how they can help you eliminate your ‘glass ceiling’ in the areas of professional and financial growth!  Consider the following topics, …changing habits so that you can:  

➢ Experience high productivity in a calm, efficient and confident manner; 

➢ Employ a daily support system to keep yourself on track to successful achievement of goals; 

➢ Follow a step-wise approach to tripling or quadrupling financial or revenue income within months; 

➢ Surround self with people who are moving in a similar healthier-happier-wealthier direction; and 

➢ Use time and money freedom to live how you wishes.  

If one applies to you, attend...enroll at Call (510) 901-1452.

SPECIAL OFFERS: The first 10 early registrants for each session earn professional coaching with Dr. Webb. (We will use your email address and phone numbers to deliver key details to contact you.) Registration FREE, lunch included.

The team at Signature Solutions, Corporate Results LLC is committed to INSPIRING you and PROVIDING you with practical tools to ELEVATE your thinking so that you recognize, understand (and act on) how to TARGET your ACTIONS to manifest health, happiness and wealth. We make accessible to you the essential universal laws learned and used by the leading creators, CEOs and wealthiest individuals on the planet. Men and women, like you, use these universal principles and practices to achieve, advance and sustain their successes; why not you?!