Frequently Asked Questions


1. What Resource Support Can You Provide to a Diverse Team?

Working with diverse teams is our strength. Coaching, THINKING INTO RESULTS, Recruitment of Professionals, and Strategic Planning are our specialties. We organize our team to support you based on their expertise and after determining your needs.

2. CAN YOU Serve a Global Client Base?

As business consultants, we are located in the United States and several countries around the globe. Thus, we serve a global client base. We travel when clients deem it most beneficial. However, most of our clients prefer to obtain the consultancy support required via the efficiency of on-line meetings and seminars, webinars and other technology-engineered methods. 

3. Who has Responsibility for Planning for Success and Being Culturally Competent for Excellence?

Planning for Success

Remember, many plan, fewer do. Planning for success is the responsibility of each person who seeks a successful outcome. Most important is establishing a GOAL that is sufficiently INSPIRATIONAL that generates the EMOTIONAL CAPITAL to INSPIRE the work necessary to achieve the goal. In an organization, planning is everyone’s responsibility. The real power is EVERYONE doing the work necessary to pursue an aspirational goal that aligns with the vision, mission and values of the organization and that BENEFITS stakeholders and shareholders.

Cultural Competence

Each one of us is responsible for developing an understanding of the values and habits of the diverse cultures of colleagues, customers and clients. Doing so helps to facilitate deeper discussions, partnerships, collaboration, innovation and excellence. The benefit for each individual is immeasurable, and the assets gained by the organization are tremendous and may be incalculable. When cultural aptitude is experienced as normal, society transforms in healthier and productive ways.

4. Why is Coaching Popular?

Coaching is popular for multiple reasons. Individuals seeking professional gains or greater successes secure coaches. Professionals who are experiencing difficulties and need alternative strategies to address those matters employ coaches. And individuals who are new to industries or leadership roles hire coaches to ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to successfully carry out their roles. For increasing numbers of individuals, successful experiences with coaches ensure continued use in order to sustain successes.

For these and other reasons, our clients have secured our coaches. Our track records of achievements is based on proven principles and practices. We welcome the opportunity to support you.


Thank you for asking these questions, using our services and otherwise demonstrating your value for what we do. For more inquires, use the "contact us" page or call us at 510 901 1452.