Access Excellence 2020 Conference is a leadership professional development program for BUSINESS EXECUTIVES, MID-LEVEL PROFESSIONALS, EMERGING/NEW PROFESSIONALS AND AMBITIOUS ENTREPRENEURS. 

Industries Represented Include:  

1. Healthcare

2. Construction

3. Information Technology & Media

4. Energy

5. Professional Services i.e., Legal, Accounting, Architectural, Computer Systems Design

6. Government

7. Finance & Insurance

8. Education - Public and Private

9. Metal, Machinery, Computer and Electrical Manufacturing

10. Real Estate, Rental, Leasing, Sales

Learn practical how-tos and tools to equip yourself with the new knowledge and skills to:

  • Achieve personal growth
  • Optimize your business
  • Support the incoming and diverse workforce that expects very different engagement and outcomes, while leveraging the strengths of seasoned professionals

This Conference will support participants via its business leaders—keynoters, facilitators, and guest speakers—who are committed to sharing practices that promote professional growth and prepare individuals to develop successful businesses. 

Cultivating Competencies Around 21st Century leadership

PURPOSE: This Conference serves to enhance the leadership of Bay Area professionals. Participants will receive tools to:

  • Lead effectively in high quality and multicultural environments. building community trust and equitable opportunities
  • Grow profit and non-profit businesses in this era of rapid technological change
  • Collaborate to build effective teams while harnessing creativity
  • Lead businesses strategically to positively impact communities and the economy

OUTCOMES:   Inspire and energize business executives, aspiring leaders, emerging professionals and ambitious entrepreneurs towards greater excellence 

Our Conference co-collaborators are remarkable Bay Area business professionals, Collectively, we aspire to:

  • Showcase the leadership of companies making a positive difference
  • Promote collaborations and partnerships that allow businesses of all sizes and industries to succeed and thrive
  • Promote local businesses and chambers of commerce
  • Help businesses and industries accomplish key milestones
  • Highlight the value and impact of businesses to the Bay Area


Mindset, Big Idea, Benchmarking, Strategy/Strategic Thinking, Finance, Mission-Driven Budgeting, Professional Success, Sound Risks/Risk Management, Decision-Making, Delegation, Coaching/Mentoring, Goal-Setting, Leverage, Innovation, Planning, Agility, Personal Growth, Thinking Into Results, Transformation, Business Growth, Imposter Syndrome, Conflict Resolution, Emotional Intelligence,  Generational Differences, Influencer, Time Management, Habits of Highly Successful People, Strategic Communications, Executive Coaching - "what got you there won't keep you there", Hire/Performance/Promotion/Succession Planning, Crises, Partnership, Uncertainty and Ambiguity, Workplace Success, Organizational Assessment, Leveraging Intersectionality in the Workplace - Ethnic, Gender, Cultural Diversity & Inclusion

Access Excellence 1-Day Conference


Our Conference co-collaborators are remarkable Bay Area business leaders, including the leaders of the Oakland Chambers of Commerce: - Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce - Oakland African American Chamber of Commerce - Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce - Oakland Latino Chamber of Commerce - Oakland Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce